My Vacation

In the last vacation, I went Philippine for missionary work with my missionary team. We arrived at the mid-night, so we took a rest and sleep. Next morning, we went many university in the U-Belt. we met many students, and communicated with they. When I communicated with they, I felt exiting, but we had little culture shock.

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My Life

Now, how is your life? and what are you enjoying most there days?

Oh, hello~ Mr.Kim repoter. I have a good life. I am enjoying like.. playing, watching, eating.. and so on, so I think my life is very good!

And,um… My ingeresting things are playing the guitar, and doing worship I like playing the guitar in the church for worship, so I’m going to practice playing guitar.

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My Computer

On saturday,  my computer broke. I don’t know why my computer broke, but I started to fix my computer. I checked HDD and Ram, and then search memorydump list. Finally I found error, so I changed some part of Window system, some process and Internet Explore(IE). After changed, my computer and IE as fast as light.

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My Favorite Music

I like Supercell. Supercell is Japanese band made by amateur. They are amateur, but their singing, drawing picture, making video and playing guitar, drum, bass are very high quality, so many people like Supercell.

Supercell’s action is on website that called Nicodong(NicoNicoDougo), so we can contact their music in every where with internet. I think that is very useful and good.

last reason is Supercell is usually make PV, so I always expect what is the next PV?, how exciting?

Anyway I like Supercell, I always wait their next PV and Music.

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I Want to Meet Nobel

One person who has died already but whom I would like to meet and chat with is Nobel. There are three reasons why I would like to meet fave to fave and share a conversation with Nobel.

The first reason is he is a scientist. He discovered Dynamite, and that is very useful for making tunnel.

A second reason is Nobel made Nobel Prize. When I was younger, I want to get Nobel Prize. It was my dream at that time, so this is a second reason.

The final reason is I like making something like Nobel, so sometimes I make new sharp and mouse pad etc.

Anyway, I want to meet and chat with Nobel.

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Three Countries

The country I most want to visit first, is Japan, because I like Japan, and when someone ask to me  about my favorite country, I always answar Japan is my favorite country. Another reason is I want to be a volunteer for recovery of the Sunami, so I want to visit Japan for first.

I would also really like to visit America, because my firend live in America, and he said “America is good to experience”. I guess that many thing is different to Korea, but I want to experience about Amerieca, but I surely like to live in Korea.

Finally, one day I would like to go to Nepal, because sometimes I dream about climbing Mt. Everest, so I want to visit Nepal fo climbing Mt. Everest.

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Tuesday,the 29th of march

Last weekend, I expected weekend to be boring but it was not, because I went bowling center with my church friend on the Sunday. That was very good! because I got a turkey, so my team won the game.

Until yesterday, I expected my righting quiz to be easy but it was not, because Q1 is very difficult to me, so I little disappointed, but I will study hard for English and I wnat to be a good English speaker.

Soon, we will go to a Nepalese restaurant for our class dinner. I expect it to be more special than I expected, because I ate india food(Curry,Nan) once and it was really delicious, so I expect a Nepalese food.

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